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A Debt of Dishonour is a unique documentary film dedicated Major General Sosabowski and all ranks who served in the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade Group and to their Comrades-in-Arms of the 1st British Airborne Division that fought in the ill-fated “Operation Market Garden” at Arnhem and Driel during September 1944.

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Nowy Czas: 18 December 2010


Nowy_Czas_18_12_2010Nowy Czas - 18 December 2010


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Pro Memoria medal for Feliks Keidrowski.

Yesterday, we, (dr. Andrew Meeson and myself), visited Feliks Keidrowski, the last known Polish sailor from  ORP 'Błyskawica' - Polish WW2 famous battle ship, who had been admitted to hospital in Stoke on Trent, following a serious accident.
'Błyskawica' defended the town of Cowes in the UK during the war and the ship's war record is second to none.  
Currently this famous ship, now museum, is permanently based in Gdynia, Poland.  
During the war, Feliks was badly burnt on Błyskawica, off the coast of Africa by Italian aircraft anti-naval bombs.
He was then sent to military hospital in Scotland to recover, but discharged himself ... and 
travelled on his own initiative to The Polish 2nd Corps in Italy to help to ... finish off the War and ... Mr. Hitler !!!

Prior to serving with the 'Błyskawica' he was with the Brygada Karpacka, which he joined whilst in Syria!
Feliks Kendrick Keidrowski is aged 91.
He worked with our Arboretum team on construction of the Polish Armed Forces Memorial in National Memorial Arboretum for almost 3 years, as his home is "next door" to NMA in Alrewas.
Untill recently he was actively caring for his wife Joan, age 92, but due to his unfortunate accident he is practically paralysed and needs vital 24/7 medical help now.
Our misson was supported by the Minister dr. Stanislaw Ciechanowski in Warsaw who arranged for the official decoration of the Pro Memoria  medal for Feliks, which was presented to him yesterday by consul from Manchester Mr. Szymon Bialek.  during our visit.
Both the London and Manchester Polish consulate officials, Mr Jakub Zaborowski and Mr Piotr Nowotniak, respectively, worked very hard for this to be possible.
Last week we learnt that all Feliks's WW2 British and Polish decorations went missing
from his house in Alrewas along with his wife's Joan gold ring, whilst he was in hospital.

The local Police are now formally involved. 


Feliks Keidrowski

Prior to the presentation since Thursday we visited numerous antique shops in London,
The POSK book shop and other interesting places to try and purchase  replacement medals.
In fact—All five of them: Star of Italy, Star of Africa, Star of 1939-45 War, Medals for Defence and Medal for 1939-45 War.
With some help from Dr. Krasnodebski and others we managed to buy these and susequently mounted them together on Sunday evening, ready to take them to hospital and give to Feliks Keidrowski, who naturally was heart broken by the loss, having had these medals for the last 70 years.  This whole sad episode was making him in fact quite upset.  

On the day of the presentation, he had all his medals "back" again. (Unfortunately, the Polish medals are still missing and I am trying to source them with some degree of difficulty: Odznaka Karpacka, 2nd Corps etc).  Any ideas or help?
It was amazing visit to the hospital in Stoke, meeting all nursing staff who were also present.
We travelled with Joan (Feliks' wife) and a wonderful couple—John Fennigan and his wife Pam, who now care for Joan and Feliks in Alrewas as their house is next door to the Keidrowski's.


dr. Marek Stella-Sawicki